Ms. Rachel Foster



Hello! My name is Ms. Foster and I am the Kindergarten teacher. I received my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Elmhurst University. This year is my seventh year teaching. Kindergarten has been my favorite grade to teach, because  I love seeing how much the students grow as they begin to read, write, and become more independent. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, shopping, traveling, and watching movies. It is my mission to provide my students with a welcoming learning environment for them to grow, build friendships, explore their curiosity, gain confidence, and celebrate their mistakes as a learning opportunity. 



Important Dates: 

  • April 26th: No School (Professional Development)
  • April 27: Green and Gold Gala
  • May 27th: No School (Memorial Day) 

Reminders: Library books are due on Tuesday.

Virtue of the Month: This month we are learning about fortitude. 

Reading: We have been working on reading and writing words with the digraph OO.  We also learned the sight words let, be, of, and this. Please keep practice reading and reviewing sight words at home. Don’t forget to return your book bag for a new leveled book. 

Writing: We practiced writing words and sentences. We are working on starting with a capital letter, using spaces, and punctuation. 

Math: We started our unit on measurement. Students worked on comparing objects by length. 

Science: We learned about Natural Resources and how to take care of the Earth. 

Social Studies: We started our chapter on long ago and today. 

Religion: In religion this week, we learned how Jesus cared for others. 




  • Reading: Students should practice reading daily. 
    • Please complete at least one iReady Reading lesson or 10 minutes. 


  • Math: Students will receive a math homework page on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to reinforce skills practiced in class.
    • Please complete at least one iReady Math lesson or 10 minutes.