We, at Saint Zachary School, believe in Catholic education which develops the whole person, mind, and body. We believe parents are the primary educators of the children.  We, the educational community, share this responsibility with enthusiasm, concern, and love.

We believe in providing opportunities for a variety  of experiences, thereby developing in each student a better understanding of the Catholic community and an awareness of one’s commitment to God, neighbor, and self.

The children of Saint Zachary School are separate individuals who approach the world of learning with various levels of development, natural ability, and backgrounds.  Therefore, they learn in different ways.

Through our academic programs we:

  • Foster parent awareness of student progress
  • Strive to create or enhance positive self-concepts in each student
  • Incorporate aspects of value education
  • Teach the basic skills
  • Address the perceived needs of each child
  • Augment skills of critical thinking and self-direction necessary to function in future society as a contributing person

We believe that the students and faculty are partners in learning.  Teachers are learners, as well as the children, and through verbal and behavioral dialogue, all are challenged to go beyond themselves in the lifelong pursuit of education.