Mr. Justin Brown


Hello, I am Mr. Brown and I am the Junior High Social Studies Teacher. As well as the Social Emotional Learning teacher for grades 5 through 8. This is my second year working with the Archdiocese and with Saint Zachary School. Before coming here to Saint Zachary, I was working as a teaching assistant in a therapeutic school setting before becoming a fully licensed teacher in Highland Park. 

A little information about me; I grew up in Chicago and was a Chicago Public School student until high school, when I attended Loyola Academy as a member of its on hundredth graduating class. I then spent six years living on the island of Oahu attending Hawai’i Pacific University. Where I received my bachelors in social sciences and my masters degree focusing on secondary education. I have been a lifelong learner and a lover of the histories and other aspects of social sciences, and it is my goal to share my passion with the students of Saint Zachary to broaden their minds and expand their horizons for a future of being a global citizen. Where they may use their faith and education to make the world a better place for all.


Student Council

Currently Student Council executive members and general members will meet on Thursdays during recess to go over any ongoing events, proposed events, and other activities occurring at school. Decorum and the Robert’s Rules of Order are expected to be followed while meetings are in session.


Please see Google Classroom for Updated Assignments. Remember that all Note Assignments should be submitted digitally (even if written by hand), and hit the “turn in” button for work completion.