Mr. Conrado Robles Science/Religion Teacher


Good day everyone, my name is Mr. Robles. I grow up in the Chicagoland area since I was born and I am of Mexican-American ancestry. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Geology and Education. I’ve been the 8th grade homeroom for the last three years and I’m looking forward to teaching all of Middle School Science.  We plan to go over topics like Biology, Human Anatomy, Meteorology, Oceanography, Astronomy, and Ecology. We will also complete work for both our Science Fair materials and Fermilab coursework throughout the year.  Some of the things we plan to do in my classroom include:

+ Labs and Experiments that help enrich the concepts we are covering in class and for life after school.

+ Field Trips and Events that enrich the minds of the students and create unforgettable moments.

+ Preparations for Religious experiences that teach students how to become caring citizens of our world.

Hope to meet all of you soon and have a marvelous year.



1/28/22: School Store

1/30/22: Science Fair Open House @ 11:45am in the School Gym (Mandatory for All)

Meme of the Week


Links for the following websites to complete assignments:

Think Central

Google Classroom


8th & 7th Grade Homework:

MON (1/24) Assessment/Quiz TUE (1/25) B.1.5 Digital Lesson / WED (1/26) B.1.5 Notes and Review / THUR (1/27) B.1.5 Virtual Lab / FRI (1/28) B.1.5 Assessment

6th Grade Homework:

MON (1/24) Assessment/Quiz TUE (1/25) H.1.3 Digital Lesson / WED (1/26) H.1.3 Notes and Review / THUR (1/27) BrainPop / FRI (1/28) H.1.3 Assessment

5th Grade Homework:

MON (1/24) Extinction Project TUE (1/25) Virtual Lab / WED (1/26) BrainPop / THUR (1/27) Review Video / FRI (1/28) Quiz

Key: D.1.3 (Book. Unit. Lesson)