Ms. Athena Burbulis



My name is Athena Burbulis and I am the preschool teacher at Saint Zachary School. We are located in classroom 108. This is my third year teaching and my first year at Saint Zachary School. I am happy to be part of the amazing Saint Zachary family. 

I have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Elmhurst University. I have three teenage sons, two cats and a dog. In my free time I like to cook and try new recipes as well as to garden, weather permitting. I love to grow flowers and herbs. 

I chose a career in teaching because I enjoy seeing children grow and shape into respectful and productive members of society. Preschool is the time during which children are first introduced to a structured classroom environment, and learn to understand and follow rules and routines. At this age, children prepare themselves for their future schooling experience. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with your children, and I am looking forward to a productive year ahead.  


May 27th- Glow Run permission slips are due.

May 30th- Memorial Day (No School)

May 31st- Glow Run pledge sheets are due.

June 1st- Glow Run

June 2nd- Field Day

June 3rd- Last Day of School (10:30am Dismissal)




Reading: This week in reading we will work on reviewing all letters of the alphabet, the sounds that they make, and identify words that start with each letter. Our theme this week is Summer. We will read books about summer and things that we can do. 

Writing: We will practice writing summer words. We will practice writing student names with an uppercase first letter and lowercase letters to follow.

Math: We will work on counting and on counting with 1:1 number correspondence. We will also discuss symmetry and practice drawing symmetrical images. 

Science: We will talk about shadows and how they are created.     

Social Studies: This week we will talk about safety for the summer. 

Religion: This week we will talk about Father’s Day.  

Art: Students will work on summer art projects.