Third Grade

Third Grade is a transitional year between primary and intermediate grades. Students continue to practice the skills of responsibility and organization; two major skills that are necessary to lead productive adult lives. Many things will be new to them this year: taking notes in a notebook, studying for tests, nightly homework, and standardized testing in March.  The Third Grade classroom teacher will use a variety of instructional methodologies including whole group discussions, small group cooperative learning, individual work, and one-on-one support. Third grade students enjoy STEM activities, book talks, academic-based games, leading the All Hallows Eve Prayer Service, hosting a coffeehouse for their parents, and using technology to send clips of classroom activities to parents.

Third Grade Curriculum


The children will review work on the strokes necessary to improve their printing, as well as their cursive writing.


The children will continue to work on the spelling, phonics, grammar, and mechanics needed in their usage of the English language. They will also continue to improve their reading skills through a series of stories and comprehension activities.


The children will learn about plants, animals, weather, earth science, matter, energy, forces, and motion through reading and hands-on activities.


The children will practice many math concepts such as addition, subtraction, measurement, money, telling time, graphing, word problems, multiplication, simple division, fractions, and geometry.


The children will learn about different communities in the past and present including Des Plaines and Illinois. They will also learn about understanding geography skills.


The children will learn about the Blessed Trinity, the Church and its history, the Mass, and the sacraments. They will find out about the different ways Catholics live their faith and celebrate God’s love.


Third Grade students will share their creative expression through the use of various media. Projects are graded on completion rather than artistic quality.

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The Third Grade program introduces the terminology of written music in preparation for the instrumental instruction opportunity available next year.

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