Seventh Grade

Students in Seventh Grade will experience many opportunities for personal, social, and academic growth during the school year. All of these opportunities will help them to develop self-directed positive attitudes and to acquire skills for lifetime learning. The emphasis at this level is on organization and independence.  The Seventh Grade classroom teacher will use a variety of instructional methodologies including whole group discussions, small group cooperative learning, individual work, and one-on-one support.

Seventh Grade Curriculum


Please see Language Arts for more information regarding the Language Arts curriculum.


Students will read from among a broad range of high-quality, increasingly challenging literary and informational texts. Through extensive reading of stories, dramas, poems, and myths from diverse cultures and different time periods, students will gain literary and cultural knowledge as well as familiarity with various text structures and elements. Students also acquire the habits of reading independently and closely, which are essential to their future success.

Students will learn techniques for comprehension while diving deep into literature to determine the meaning behind the text and illustrations. Literary analysis, reading strategies, and vocabulary development will be emphasized. Students will cite specific evidence when offering interpretation of text, use relevant evidence to support their own opinions, and constructively evaluate others’ use of evidence. Students will demonstrate their comprehension through extension activities which include written and oral language presentations.


The Seventh Grade curriculum will explore the diversity of living things through the study of Biology, Botany, and Medicine as we look into cell structure, genetics, and the human body.


Students in Seventh Grade study pre-algebra. They learn to use variable expressions and integers early in order to solve equations. Connections to measurement, geometry, and data analysis strands are woven throughout the program emphasizing the relevance of algebraic concepts to a variety of math areas. Students learn to solve equations and inequalities with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. This foundation prepares students to solve two-step equations. Geometry coverage is integrated effectively readying students for standardized tests. The use of a graphing calculator is encouraged.


Students will focus on the development of the United States from Pre-Columbian to Pre-Civil War. The National Council for Social Studies identifies ten themes as organizing strands for Social Studies curriculum.  These are addressed in the text.  Note taking and study skills will be used. Students will study the U.S. Constitution to meet Illinois graduation requirements. Students are expected to pass a comprehensive test at the end of the unit.  Chapter tests, unit tests and various projects will be used for assessment.


Seventh Grade students will gather to learn about beliefs of the Catholic religion and how to respond to those beliefs as a Christian through the six tasks of Catechesis: learn, celebrate, choose, pray, share, and live. The Seventh Grade program focuses on creed, divine revelation, Jesus in the Gospels, Church teachings, sacraments, liturgy, social doctrine, and vocations. Preparation for confirmation begins. The curriculum also includes human sexuality and development, taught from a Catholic perspective.


Projects will encourage creativity and appreciation for art.  Students will explore different forms of art including drawing, painting, paper craft, and 3-D forms.

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The Seventh Grade program includes a study of our heritage and history through the study of Folk Music from pre-Declaration of Independence Days through current times.

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