Second Grade

Students in Second Grade will experience many opportunities for personal, social, and academic growth during the school year. All of these opportunities will enable them to successfully grow to their fullest potential.  A major focus this year is to prepare for and receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The Second Grade classroom teacher will use a variety of instructional methodologies including whole group discussions, small group cooperative learning, individual work, and one-on-one support.

Second Grade Curriculum


The children learn by doing – they write. As the year progresses, each child will work at improving their writing skills and spelling skills. Invented spelling is acceptable in first draft work. Final copies should have little and eventually no invented spelling.


The children will read, listen to, respond to, and get to know literature. Some of this time will be spent independently, some with partners, and some in small groups. Flexible reading groups will be utilized throughout the school year. Groups are formed on factors such as student’s background knowledge, social abilities, and academic abilities.


The science program presents science in the context of Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Physical Sciences. The students will explore plants, animals, changes in the Earth, and matter and energy.  Students also perform a number of experiments where they become the scientists.


The children will learn and practice many math concepts this year such as addition, subtraction, regrouping, measurement, money, telling time, and fractions. Each of these concepts will be introduced and practiced with manipulatives.  The main goal is to ensure that children not only get the correct answers for a problem, but are also able to understand and explain why it is the correct answer.


The children learn about the world and its people while using maps, charts, globes, and a variety of other materials.


The children will receive two sacraments this year, Reconciliation and Eucharist. Much of our time is spent on preparing to receive these sacraments. We also learn how Jesus wants us to live and how He wants us to treat others. This concept is taught throughout the day, every day. Mass is attended by the whole school once a week.

Please see our Sacraments page for more information.


In art class, the children will use a variety of media to express their developing art skills.


Please see Other Areas of Study for more information regarding the gym curriculum.


The Second Grade program continues the general introduction to the major composers and the language of music.

Please see Other Areas of Study for more information regarding the music curriculum.


The classroom computer is used for individual and whole group instruction with various websites that correspond to our Religion and Reading series for enrichment, as well as assessment purposes.  The students also use the computer for research on given topics.

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