Other Areas of Study


At St. Zachary School, we provide a comprehensive music education program for Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade students.  Through creating, performing, and responding, students will:

  • Build a musical foundation through listening, singing, dancing, and playing instruments
  • Experience and partake in a variety of musical styles and genres
  • Develop the aural skills to obtain a true appreciation for music from all cultures and time periods
  • Learn to read musical notation and sing in multiple parts
  • Learn to dance and create choreography for music from all time periods

Students showcase their performance skills twice a year in our annual Christmas and spring concerts presented in the church.

To live, learn, and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, students must use technology effectively. In a sound educational setting, technology can enable students to become:

  • capable information technology users
  • information seekers, analyzers, and evaluators
  • problem solvers and decision-makers
  • creative and effective users of productivity tools
  • communicators, collaborators, publishers, and producers
  • informed, responsible, and contributing citizens

In order to achieve this, students at Saint Zachary School will work toward mastering the following skills beginning in Pre-Kindergarten continuing through Eighth Grade:

  • Use technology resources for directed and individual learning activities
  • Work cooperatively with peers when using technology
  • Practice responsible use of technology systems and software
  • Demonstrate positive social behavior when using technology and describe personal consequences of inappropriate use

Physical Education

The major goal of physical education is the development of each student to reach his or her fullest potential as an adult. In order for each adult to effectively function in society, each should have the opportunity to become a responsible, independent decision-maker who has positive feelings of themselves, as well as others. The physical education program is a developmental program focused on the education of the mental, physical, and social well-being of an individual. The curriculum is diverse enough to allow all students the opportunity to participate in activities which provide success and enjoyment. Through the physical education experience, each student will have the opportunities to develop cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, loyalty, respect, and honesty.

The Saint Zachary library is open to all of our students. Every student visits the library once a week. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade may check out books. Thanks to the efforts of the Home and School Association, the proceeds of the Scholastic Book Sale and Birthday Book Club, the library has been updated with over two thousand books in the last several years. This year an added emphasis has been placed on books that meet the Common Core Standards. It is a warm, inviting place where students are encouraged to enrich their lives with the joy of reading.