First Grade

Students in First Grade will be in a nurturing environment that will help build their self-confidence, expand their knowledge, and foster their independence.  The First Grade classroom teacher will use a variety of instructional methodologies including whole group discussions, small group cooperative learning, individual work, and one-on-one support.

First Grade Curriculum

In handwriting, students will continue to practice the proper writing position and basic strokes learned in Kindergarten. Students will apply what they have learned in other curriculum areas.

In reading, students will be using phonics, whole language, and writing to develop skills. There is a formal reading series that will be supplemented with trade books and other literature.

In science, students will explore the topics of plants, animals, seasons/weather,
the earth, and matter. The science series is supplemented with experiments,
stories, and multimedia.

In math, students will be learning their basic addition and subtraction skills. Other topics covered are time, money, and measurements. These skills will be developed through a formal series and manipulatives.

In social studies, students will learn about families, neighborhoods, and information about our country. Students will also focus on the history of holidays and events throughout the year.

In religion, students will be taught basic Christian morals and values through Bible stories, discussions, and activities. Students will attend Mass once a week.

In art, students will use a variety of media to explore their own creativity. Students will learn how to become artists through exposure to different types of materials and styles.

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The First Grade program continues the general introduction to the major composers and the language of music.

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