Eighth Grade

Students in Eighth Grade will experience many opportunities for personal, social, and academic growth during the school year. All of these opportunities will help them to develop self-directed positive attitudes and to acquire skills for lifetime learning. A major focus during this year is to prepare and receive the sacrament of Confirmation. The academic emphasis at this level is on preparation for high school. The Eighth Grade classroom teacher will use a variety of instructional methodologies including whole group discussions, small group cooperative learning, individual work, and one-on-one support.  

Eighth Grade Curriculum


Please see Language Arts for more information regarding the Language Arts curriculum.


Students read selections from timeless classics to contemporary literature that will cultivate a lifelong love of literature. Each selection starts with a preview, literary analysis, reading strategy, and vocabulary development. During reading, the selection monitoring comprehension and understanding is done. At the end of the selection, an assessment is taken. There are also written and oral language strategies along with extension activities to focus on listening and speaking strategies.


The Eighth Grade curriculum will explore matter and energy through the study of Chemistry and Physics as we look into the periodic table, atomic bonding, as well as motion.


The Eighth Grade Algebra program emphasizes the relevance of algebra in the student’s world. The program incorporates the use of a graphing calculator during concept development to empower students of all learning styles to succeed. The year will begin with a review of the concepts necessary to the algebra program: graphs, order of operations, + – × ÷ integers, real numbers, and rational numbers. The year continues with a study of functions and their graphs, modeling, solving equations and inequalities graphing and writing linear equations, solving systems of equations and inequalities, exploring, graphing and solving quadratic equations.


Students will focus on the continuing development of the United States from Civil War to present. Students will study the Illinois Constitution to meet Illinois graduation requirements. Students are expected to pass the test.  Students will continue working on note taking, study, listening, writing and presentation skills. Assessments will include tests, projects and presentations.


Eighth Grade students will gather to learn about beliefs of the Catholic religion and how to respond to those beliefs as a Christian through the six tasks of Catechesis: learn, celebrate, choose, pray, share, and live. The Eighth Grade program focuses on the Catholic morality, church history, social teachings, church traditions and preparation for Confirmation. The curriculum also includes human sexuality and development, taught from a Catholic perspective.

Please see our Sacraments page for more information.


Eighth Grade students will produce a variety of seasonal art projects. Appreciation for art is fostered.

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The Eighth Grade program includes the study of the Musical Theater and study of several Broadway Musicals. Hopefully, the culmination will be a class trip to enjoy a professional performance together.

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