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“Cedrik loves school more because of teachers like you. He always tells us that every one of you is awesome and makes his student life less complicated. We’re glad we sent him to the right school! We don’t pressure him too much anymore, but I personally check his Powerschool from time to time & visit the parent communication doc on a daily basis just to make sure he’s always on track. Cedrik is so blessed to have teachers like you who really love their craft. I am very optimistic that Cedrik is gaining all the knowledge, skills and attitude that he needs to feel more confident. Thank you and may God bless you!”

Cherry Alcedo

“My Daughter Natalie is in preschool, so picking a school that she’ll hopefully attend for the next 10 years was a challenge to us, but from the minute we walked in, I knew this was the school we would like our daughter to attend. Natalie comes home everyday SO EXCITED and happy to be in school, she tells me all about her day and what she learned ecstatically and that confirms we made the right choice. Saint Zachary definitely has the kind of environment we want her to grow up in and be around. It’s one lovely family.”

Hebah Sweis

“The Szmergalski family chose St. Zachary because of the warm welcome we received at Catholic School Week. The Doherty family was very gracious and took their time to take us on a tour and talk about their experience at St. Zachary. The teachers we met were super enthusiastic about teaching (Ms. Ptasinski) and very informative about the curriculum throughout the school year. We absolutely love the full day pre-school and kindergarten and feel that it truly benefits our children and sets them up for success in the future. We can tell the difference in their academic knowledge and growth in as little as a month! We also like the smaller class sizes which gives our children the attention that they need. Thanks St. Zachary teachers and staff!!”

The Szmergalski Family

“We enrolled our children at Saint Zachary School because a Catholic education is very important to us. After attending Catholic school from preschool through high school, I knew I wanted my children to have the same experiences, benefits, and foundation that I had. The smaller classes allow for more personal and individualized learning, as well as socializing. I feel like Saint Zachary School is an extended family to all of us. We are very comfortable and secure leaving our children in the caring and capable hands of the teachers and staff. The lines of communication are always open and our children are always welcomed to school with open arms.”

Joanne and Adam Tuiaana

“The education that I received in my eleven years at St. Zachary School will stay with me my entire life. During my years at St. Zachary, I learned skills important not just for academics but for life. I learned the importance of doing service to others, how to live out my Catholic faith in the world, and many more important life lessons. The small class sizes at St. Zachary made for closer relationships with my teachers, some of whom I am still in touch with today. St. Zachary School provided me with a solid academic, moral, and religious basis for my life that I am very grateful for and still rely on today.”

Sara Romano, St. Zachary Class of ‘03, St. Viator Class of ‘07, University of Notre Dame Class of ‘11

It is only now, as I become a little older, that I am beginning to understand the value of my St. Zachary education. Life is filled with many more difficult choices than I realized, and my Catholic foundation has proved to be my best guide in finding my way through right and wrong.”

Christopher Catizone, St. Zachary Class of ’98, St. Viator Class of ’02, Harvard University Class of ‘06