Principal’s Page


I am honored to serve as principal at St. Zachary school, which stands on a strong foundation of faith, knowledge, and character for over 60 years!

Education, especially Catholic education, holds a special place in my heart. I believe that each child is a unique and precious gift from God, deserving of love, respect, and every opportunity to flourish. Our shared mission is to create an environment that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of our students.

At St. Zachary, we are committed to providing an education that integrates Catholic virtues with academic excellence. Our dedicated faculty and staff are focused on creating a safe and engaging environment where students can thrive. Our aim is to instill in our students a deep sense of faith, guiding them to become compassionate, responsible, and respectful leaders who make positive contributions to our society.

At St. Zachary, we are committed to communication and collaboration among parents, teachers, and the school, to build strong partnerships and ensure that our children receive the best possible education and spiritual formation.

I invite you to reach out and schedule a tour!


Mrs. Barb Labotka M.A., M.Ed.