St. Zachary is preparing for the start of Catholic Schools week which is January 31-February 5.  The third graders have been discussing what they like about St. Zachary School.  They wrote about these and put them on posters.  Some of the students had the following things to say about why they like St. Zachary.

  • Adrian said, “I love St. Zachary because I have good friends.”
  • Cara said, “I love St. Zachary because the faculty is kind and respectful.  There are good friends and teachers teach kids fairly.  If the kids don’t get the subject the teachers help them.”
  • Stephanie stated, “I love St. Zachary because it has great faculty members, we learn long division, and it is a private school.  I like private school because St. Zachary lets us do in person school.”

St. Zachary has many activities planned over that week to celebrate.  During the week we will celebrate the parish, community, students, families, vocations, and faculty and staff.  Students will enjoy various activities such as a prayer service, service projects, and a movie. Students and families will also enjoy special treats during the week.