The fourth graders are so excited for Christmas. Our religion lessons this year really help  the students to understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ, which helps us as we prepare for Christmas. Each day the students open a “virtual” door on our class Advent calendar full of gospel reflections, songs or activities to help us reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. The students have also had Christmas logic puzzles and writing prompts to get them in the spirit of the season. Finally, each student has worked on a special gift for their families that supported our lessons in social studies and science on natural resources that is created from recycled materials.The fourth graders have also enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas dress up days!

As 2020 comes to a close, these nine and ten year olds are old enough to remember “what was” and understand “what is”. In our class, we really try to focus on the good. The students feel blessed to have returned to the school building to learn alongside their peers. Because sometimes learning during a pandemic can feel overwhelming, the students have paired off as Accountability Partners to help keep each other on track and build each other up. We are celebrating the little things so we remember to thank God for them each night. Last week, the students even wrote letters sharing how they see Christ’s light shining in one another. Even when we cannot physically hug one another and high five a great decision, the fourth graders are learning ways to share those same feelings with their words and actions.

St. Zachary’s Fourth Grade wishes you all a very merry and blessed Christmas where you can also focus on the good things, no matter how little they are.